Vaulted Movies

[Warning: This page is currently under construction - make sure you bring a hard hat]

Welcome to the bread and butter of this website. Here you will find an ever updating list of current vaulted movies.

What is a vaulted movie? A movie that has been vaulted, is where Walt Disney Home Entertainment locks away a film and stops production of any Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray or DVD media. Movies in the Disney Vault are often very hard to find and prices for these vaulted items generally have a premium attached to them, selling at a higher cost than retail.

So here is the solution. I will be releasing pages for each Disney film currently locked away in the vault to make sure you secure your copy before they are locked away for up to seven years (even more). On these pages will be information on when the movie was vaulted, information on a future release and other insightful details on your favorite Disney classics.

#FilmTheatrical Release DateVaultedUnvaulted
1The Jungle BookOctober 18, 1967Fall 2014
2Return to Never LandFebruary 15, 2002Fall 2013
8The Little MermaidNovember 14, 1989October 1st, 2013
3Fantasia 2000January 1, 2000
4FantasiaNovember 13, 1940
6PinocchioFebruary 7, 1940
7Snow White and the Seven DwarvesDecember 21, 1937
5Sleeping BeautyJanuary 29, 1959