Upcoming Disney Blu-ray Releases

Here is a list of upcoming Disney feature films that are set to be released on Blu-ray. The list combines Disney Animated Films as well as live action feature films which have been produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Studios as well as films that were only distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and their subsidiary companies such as DisneyToon Studios and Pixar Studios.

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#FilmTheatrical Release DateAvailability
16The Little MermaidNovember 14, 1989October 1st, 2013
15The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohMarch 11, 1977August 27th, 2013
14Robin HoodNovember 8, 1973August 6th, 2013
13The Sword in the StoneDecember 25, 1963August 6th, 2013
12The Muppet MovieJune 22, 1979August 13th, 2013
11Oliver and CompanyNovember 18, 1988August 6th, 2013
10Super BuddiesAugust 27th, 2013August 27th, 2013
9Return to Never LandFebruary 15, 2002August 20th, 2013
8The Jungle BookOctober 18, 1967Fall 2014