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Thanks to EW we now can see how Andrew Stanton originally pictured the opening scene to his sci-fi epic John Carter. The film which is due on Blu-ray tomorrow will feature the following featurette which was originally cut by Andrew Stanton and Disney

You can check out the original opening scene below:

John Carter Featurette #3 – Original Opening Scene

Andrew Stanton explains on the Blu-ray that the scene was scrapped because of the location that they used. It appeared much bigger in person but on screen it looked to small for its first introduction to the society on Barsoom. The New Yorker went on to say that Pixar’s Braintrust reaction was “They were confused by the film’s beginning, in which Princess Dejah delivered a lecture about the state of the Barsoomian wars, and they found her arch and stony.”

John Carter will be released on Disney 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray and DVD on June 5th 2012.

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  1. Wesley Lima says:

    I want John Carter 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pliz ^^

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