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Walt Disney Studio Home Media Entertainment released a line up of Videocassettes, Laserdisc’s and VHS Hi-Fi films as the very first Walt Disney Home Media collection. Disney decided to name the series The Classic’s which started  a new wave of home media collecting. There were 20 films released in this very first series which began in December 1984 and ended in March 1994.

The Classics Collection began with the release of Robin Hood on December 6, 1984. The collection started with releases being sold in videocassette and laserdisc form, however Disney started releasing VHS Hi-Fi versions of their films beginning with Sleeping Beauty in 1986. This collection also included two re-releases in the same series with Robin Hood and Pinocchio in 1991 and 1993. This technically means this collection had 22 films in it.

Each film was only available for a short time before going into moratorium and put back into the Disney Vault, in which they are unavailable for several years until re-released again.

Walt Disney Studio Home Media Entertainment followed The Classics with a second series Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection, which started in October 1994.

Walt Disney Classic’s Collection

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