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New Disney Development: ‘The Stuff of Legend’

The stuff of legend
Disney has reportedly acquired the rights to the graphic novel The Stuff of Legend to make it into a Live-Action/CG Hybrid movie. The graphic novel series which is published by Th3rd World Studios and written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith. Music video and commercial director Pete Candeland is set to direct with a script from Shawn Christensen. In the report, Deadline compared...
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Fun Post: Alice In Wonderland Underwater Photography

Alice In Wonderland Photography
Elana Kalis is a photographer who specialises in underwater photography and she has released a series of photographs she calls ‘Alice in waterland’. I have included some of the photography below, otherwise head on over to her Google+ page for more photos from the series. Don’t forget you...
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Fun Fact: Alice In Wonderland Was Banned In China

Alice In Wonderland China Banned
I thought I would add a new addition to the Fun Posts family, and see how I go with finding some fun Disney Movie facts. According to OMGFacts, Alice In Wonderland was banned in China because the government thought the idea of talking animals was an insult to humans. The book...
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