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I stumbled across this poster while browsing the net, which to me seems like a very legit Disney poster for a possible re-release of the 1999 Walt Disney Feature Animation Tarzan. It follows along a very similar style and design for Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3D and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 3D.

With no official confirmation from Walt Disney Pictures or any details anywhere! I can only say that don’t get your hopes up too high until we hear from Disney. So far Disney have announced their 3D re-release schedule for 2012/2013, so the earliest that we could see Tarzan 3D would be 2nd or 3rd week of January 2014.

The 37th feature animation from Disney was last seen on DVD when it was released in October of 2005, a Blu-ray edition was released in Europe on May 21st, however there are no plans for a North American release date so far.

Are you excited to hear that Disney is bringing back Tarzan?

Check out the official or very well done fan poster below:


“For The First Time In Theatres In 3D”

“Coming Soon – Only In Theatres”

“Only In Disney Digital 3D”

[Via Cine1]

6 thoughts on “Rumour: Is Disney Re-Releasing ‘Tarzan’ In 3D?

  1. Ellen Douglas says:

    I’m definetly excited to see this movie.

  2. Ellen Douglas says:

    Definetly excited to see it

  3. Ellen Douglas says:

    This poster is not fake at all, this could be and I love to see this movie in 3D!! Oh, my goodness. Totally excited. Yes, I am deadly excited to see Disney’s Tarzan in 3D. I had a bad feeling that Stephen Strommers is doing a bad, more darker and boring CGI Tarzan remake to this movie which it can be a commercial failure (BORING), Darn him. But, this movie, Disney’s Tarzan directed by Kevin Lima and Chris Buck, converted in 3D format will be more successful like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. How exciting could that be? I loved this movie so much and I’m a Disney’s Tarzan fan.

  4. mkseitzinger says:

    this would be amazing!!!!!

  5. cliff says:

    If this is true than it will be amazing it see this, however we will only know for sure what titles if any that will be released in 3D after the little mermaid in 2013

  6. Ellen Douglas says:

    Bed news, The Little Mermaid 3D has been cancelled. A tragic blow to everyone.

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