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I am very excited and proud to announce a brand new exclusive feature launching today, right here on DisneyVault.net. I would like to introduce you to Disney Vault Appstore which is live right now for you to check out at http://appstore.disneyvault.net.

Disney Vault Appstore will be built right into the familiar website design. On this new website you will be able to search, review, comment and even download applications, games and books to the most popular devices on the market. At first I will be launching the site with officially produced applications from Disney, Marvel and Pixar and their subsidiary companies. I will be constantly updating the appstore with new applications as they are released and I will also be very interested in hearing from you via recommending and reviewing applications for the Disney Vault community.

So without further ado lets go for a tour:

To access the website you can either head straight to the page or by clicking on the top menu which will be present across Disney Vault, Disney Vault Video and Disney Vault Appstore. 

This will then take you to the homepage where you will be presented with new menus, a list of applications and a side menu for you to quickly browse by company and type of application you want to find. Under the new menus directly under the logo you will be able to quickly browse by company which will then give you a drop down menu to browse by application type.

On the main screen you can sort out the applications by rating, popularity, price, alphabetical order, release date and more (Note: Sorting the applications will be saved for the next time you arrive on the site). Next you can browse applications by platform and on today’s release I am proud to announce support for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Mac OS X and Facebook. With Windows Mobile and HTML5 support coming in the future.

Another way for you to browse applications is to search by Disney, Pixar or Marvel. You can then decide whether you are after a game, comic book or an app such as live wallpapers. Once you have clicked on the type of application you are looking for, you will then be given a further menu which will allow you to sort by a supported platform

So you have decided what you were looking for or you simply stumbled across a new application, once you click on app you will be taken to the apps page. Here you will be able to see a detailed description, screenshots, other apps you may be interested in, a commenting system and of course the install button.

When you click the install button you will be given a choice of whether you want the application link sent via SMS or email, if you have a QR Code reader application you can simply scan the app or you can go click directly to go to the App Store. Now I must inform you that message and data rates may apply so please contact your local carrier for details.

And there you go, you are all set to find, share and download Disney/Pixar and Marvel applications. The site is still in beta so if you find any hiccups or issues please don’t hesitate to use the comment section below or to email me. Also feel free to comment on the applications pages with mini reviews to help the Disney Vault community find decent applications worth their time and money.

Disney Vault Appstore would not be possible without the time and effort the Appstores team put into creating this feature. I would like to personally thank Tim, who due to time difference of Australia and America, contacted me after hours to make sure this all happened. Thanks guys.

Disney Vault Appstore is available right now so head on over there!

Oh P.S. the website is available in full and optimised for your mobile:

Extra Note: Phew, two new features in the space of 30 days! I hope you are enjoying all these additional bits for the website. If you have any suggestions for new pages or websites that will help make DisneyVault.net even better, please feel free to email me at unofficialdisneyvault@gmail.com. Thanks again for checking out the site.

 Extra Details:

  • Application prices may vary in comparison to the site and when purchasing the application. Depending on which country you are in, prices change due to the developer changing them, different country pricing and other unforeseen circumstances
  • Some applications may not be available in your country
  • DisneyVault.net and Disney Vault Appstore will not take responsibility for how the applications work or for damage or financial costs that may apply. Downloading applications is user responsibility.
  • If you want to write a review or make suggestions on applications that aren’t in the Disney Vault Appstore, please feel free to contact me

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