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I hope everyone has been enjoying the time off with family and friends over the last couple of weeks. I certainly have as I was able to escape away from work and have an amazing home cooked dinner with my girlfriend, family and my brothers new family. Christmas is completely different with little ones running around, their eyes are too big for their stomach (wait that’s the same with me), their eyes grow even bigger when you bring out a wrapped box and they destroy your hard work within the space of a few seconds. But it is all worth it to see them excited over playing with their new toys.

Over the last few weeks I have been searching the net, triangulating facts and writing up a new feature for the website. This will the first 2012 feature and certainly not the last as I continue to update the site so one day it will be ready to have the beta symbol removed!

So without further ado I am proud to announce a new feature, Disney Editions. 

New Feature: Disney Editions

Disney Editions are the core idea of the Disney Vault. This idea of re-releasing classic animated films with new features, updated formats and a shiny new logo is an idea that Disney has been doing for years. Disney started this idea in 1985 with the re-release of Robin Hood under a new edition simply titled A Walt Disney Classic. 

Image: Robin Hood: Classic Edition Cover

Disney went on to release 19 further films under this new branding, but the key to this new idea was not to simply release their films and let them sit on the shelf, but that each film would slowly be taken off store shelves and put into moratorium. If a film is only available for a short time, this helps drive sales as there is a possibility that you will be unable to complete your collection and your cabinet will look out of place without each film looking the same. Disney is playing on this idea and it makes each release a must-own.

Walt Disney Studio Home Media Entertainment continued with this idea and created four more series over the next 25 years, each series following on from the previous idea of having them on sale for a limited time before being locked away in the Disney vault.

So this is what I have been working on, I have created a new page, titled Disney Edition’s and under that page you will find an ever updating list of current and past editions that have been released.  Once you have clicked onto a Disney Edition you will find further information, including a quick history on the edition, some extra bits and a table which includes a list of films released under the specific edition, the year the film was released, the date it was released on home media and the date it was vaulted.

Disney Edition pages version 1.0 Features:

  • A quick history of the edition
  • Extra information and facts

A table which includes:

  • The name of the films released under the series
  • The year the films were released
  • The year it was released on its primary format
  • The year it was released on its secondary format
  • Information on a third format (if applicable)
  • The date it was vaulted and sales ceased

I plan to update the pages with further features and information.

Coming Features to Disney Edition pages

  • Links to the films own pages (this will be updated as the pages are created)
  • Gallery of the films covers for each edition

Here are the pages for the the five series that Walt Disney Studio Home Media Entertainment has created.

Disney Editions:

- Diamond Edition (2009 – 2015)
- Platinum Edition (2002 – 2011)
- Gold Classics Edition (2000 – 2001)
- Masterpiece Collection (1994 – 1999)
- The Classics Edition (1985 – 1994)

Where you can find Disney Edition’s

Disney Edition’s will be receiving its own home page menu which will be located between the Vaulted Movies and About Disney Vault.net.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the website and that you will continue to visit the site. Thanks again and may you have a Happy New Year.

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