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Marvel: Edgar Wright Teases ‘Ant Man’ With Image

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There have been on and off details of Edgar Wrights dip into the Marvel Universe with his upcoming film Ant Man. With The Avengers making a whole lot of cash for Marvel, we can only expect the studio to keep making films. Edgar Wright who is better known as directing Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim has been writing the film with Joe Cornish for several years.

The last time we heard of Ant Man was from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige: [Via Bleeding Cool]

It’s somewhere. I’ll just say it’s closer than it’s ever been in its long maybe eight year history, and I usually e-mail Edgar every two or three days and over those eight years its got further away and closer… we are now closer than we’ve ever been. So I hope it will come together shortly.

Edgar Wright Tweet

Ant Man teaser pic:

It’s how we interpret the photo will determine its meaning. It seems that Edgar Wright wasn’t expecting this package to come in the post and it could Marvel’s cool way of giving him the heads up to ramp up production.

What is your take on the photo?

[Via /Film]

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