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Wait, hold a minute. I know what you’re thinking. I have been bombarding you with new trailer, a new TV Spot and now I have the nerve to announce John Carter 2 and John Carter 3.

According to an interview with director Andrew Stanton and SlashFilm, the film’s sequel was being written about two years ago when filming for John Carter was taking place.

Well just for the record John Carter 2 is not confirmed or announced and neither is the threequel. During a set interview that SlashFilm conducted well over a year ago (which was just released online a few days ago) has revealed some interesting information. Now before we go ahead and talk about the quote, for John Carter 2 or even 3 to happen, the original John Carter that is being released next month will need to make a bucket load for Disney. With an estimated $250 million being spent on this film there would need to be a nice turnover in the mouse house for any consideration to take place. So if you want John Carter 2, round up your friends and family to go see this film.

Andrew Stanton Quote:

We outlined three altogether. But the nice thing about not doing anything in tandem is that we can learn from the first and go, “oooH! I like that guy. I like that situation. Let’s see if we can tweak that into the second and third.” We’re constantly growing and constantly adapting. We’re trying to stay ahead of it. We’re writing the second right now while we’re working on the first…

“We’re writing the second right now while we’re working on the first…” Within the last year when this interview took place, the budget grew by adding 3D post production and the marketing kicked in as well, Disney is riding a lot on making this film a success and the amount of money to make this film a success is very high. I’ll just remind you that this interview took place back in 2010, so we have no idea whether the script has been trashed, completed or director Andrew Stanton has moved on, we just don’t know.

With an opening weekend coming soon, we will have stats and a heads up on whether John Carter 2 is happening. So stay tuned for an official announcement and in the mean time to help make the sequel happen, go see the film on March 9th.

John Carter opens March 9, 2012 and stars Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine), Lynn Collins (Wolverine), Samantha Morton and Mark Strong.  The film is an adaptation of “A Princess of Mars“ by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

[Via SlashFilm]

13 thoughts on “John Carter 2

  1. Skatensurf23 says:

    please make more i thought john carter was the best movie ive seen since the lord of the rings trilogy. It was unbelievable like nothing i’ve ever seen before

    1. Stephen says:

      It was, wasn’t it? That ending made me want a sequel so bad!

  2. Panda Lord says:

    I sure hope there it, for the movie rocked!!!! I blame poor marketing on the fact that not many knew what the film was about. It was massive overseas. I even saw it three times, which is something I never ever do that is how much I was taking in with it! 

  3. backtobarsoom-google it says:

    I don’t care if they film this puppy in Andrew Stanton’s basement – make this sequel happen!  Disney should be ashamed that THEY dropped the ball in promoting this film in the US. Fortunately the rest of the world “got it”.  Maybe word of mouth will spread about how great John Carter really is and history will be re-written making it the final victor in this story  (BUY THE DVD!).  The bottom-line is I really want to see these characters again.  Hey Disney, do parts 2 and 3 together – cut costs, release some toys, cartoons, anything, make better trailers, give it a better release date, and give the sequel a fighting chance.  Also, don’t release some b.s. press release trashing the film and throwing it under the bus 10 days after its U.S. release.  No one wants to see a film that’s deemed a flop by its own studio.  Shame on DISNEY!  You should have stood behind your creation from beginning and end.  Firing Ross was a step in the right direction.  Andrew Stanton and John Carte will be vindicated by the fans.  John Lassetter for DISNEY CEO!

  4. Sjwholigan says:

    I appeal to the new regime that will soon be reevaluating everything movie-wise at Disney.  There is a HUGE global audience that would KILL for John Carter the franchise, as evidenced by $300M in spite of the marketing and seeming desire to crush this movie. We are rabidly trying everything we can to shake up things, drive awareness, and get everyone to see what a money-maker this once proclaimed FLOP can be for Disney.  You have a Star Wars franchise on your hands, but you need to act now.

  5. Birmie says:

    What a great movie ! Best movie I have seen since Avatar and Star Trek.  Disney ,please dont leave us stuck on Jasoom when our hero John Carter has gone back to Barsoom !

  6. Ron says:

    Whatever the reason for the lacklustre box office in the US and I am sure that Disney know better than I the real reasons for it, the quality of the product and the long term value of what was created ( movie and characters ) is undeniable.
    Disney, please please please find a way to give John Carter a second chance now whilst the cast and crew are all still available. Disney in its lifetime has moved mountains, surely making JC2 a success is not beyond the talent of the whole company ( you’ve already got the rest of the world, you only have to work the magic on the US )?
    The greatest victories come from the jaws of defeat ( what a golden opportunity for the new incoming head of the movie division ).

  7. We fans are working out tails off to get the sequel made! The John Carter, Back To Barsoom Sequel Campaign is growing daily and I’m confident in the Power of the Fans! Love John Carter and I will not accept that I won’t get to enjoy part 2 AND part 3!! 

  8. Kr45h says:

    Make John Carter Trilogy for us!!!!! We want it!!!

  9. El Bambino says:

    I Saw John Carter on Blu-ray, and i’ve got to admit that this movie was one of the best i’ve ever seen in all terms (action, romance, drama…) it has everything… I really Hope the story doesn’t end here.

    Looking forward for part 2 and 3, if possible 4.

  10. Laurence Puco says:

    This was really a kick–s movie, good acting, good plot (Edgar Rice Burroughs) and stantons take on the whole was really good, actors just great, Taylor & Collins and the crew did a fabulous job…PLEASE A THREEQUEL!

  11. Josh says:

    John Carter 2 please!!!!!!!!!

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